March 1, 2017

Expectations Timeline

Week 1: The Set Up
*Verify Google listing / gain management access to listing (this allows for quick updated to Google listing and access to the best tracking for your campaign’s performance). If your listing is not already verified we will send a Google post card to do so.
*Verify any other necessary business listing (Bing and Apple maps if your package includes them)
*Build SEO friendly website using a top level domain (if you are choosing to utilize our website)
*Gain admin access to any existing social media accounts and build/customize them (if included in your package)
*Optimize Google listing to improve phrases. Your listing will already have some placement on Google for search phrases and this is the initial step to improve those phrases.
*Keyword research to ensure we’re targeting the most popular search phrases for your desired practice areas you want to get more customers in.
*Scan online directory listings and begin cleanup of these to ensure your information is accurate across the web so people can contact you no matter where they find you on the web.
*This intial work is all about building a solid foundation.

Week 2-3: The Foundation
*Receive post card to verify your Google listing. We’ll need the code on the post card to verify your listing. We can give you ownership access to your listing if you desire to have it.
*Continue with cleanup of online directories to correct any inaccuracies across the web so clients can contact you no matter where they find you across the web.
*Create and add content to your website (if you are using a website we built for you). This will ensure your website is being found for relevant phrases for the practice areas you wish to gain new customers in.
*Add backlinks to your website to increase it’s visibility.
*Your search phrases will begin to improve as your campaign starts gaining momentum.

1 Month: Traction
*We will continue to build traction on the keywords you wish to be found for and start seeing results for more phrases.
*Tracking at this point will show that you’ve gained a lot more exposure on Google since starting your campaign. You will probably have gotten phone calls by this point and hopefully a customer or two.
*You will have seen a significant increase in your online visibility in the first month

3-6 Months: Results & Momentum
*Our hard work on your Google listing, online directories and website will really start paying off at this point. You will see a significant improvement in the amount of search phrases you are on the first page of Google for and will generally be getting phone calls and customers on a regular basis at this point.
*Tracking will show that you are getting significant traffic to both your Google listing and website.
*We will continue to work daily on your account to ensure that we’re always improving your online presence and working hard to keep you getting new customers.

6-12 Months: Continued Results
*At this point we are continuing to maintain hardwork on your account to always improve and maintain a great online presence for you where you’re showing up for great phrases on Google so your favorite types of client can find you online.
*Google is a dynamic platform, which means it’s constantly changing and we need to constantly work on your account. So, we will continue to add phrases and improve placement.
*You should notice that we have filtered out most of the calls you don’t want by now, and you should be receiving a lot more of the calls you do want.

1 Year or More: Maintained Excellence
*This is maintenance mode. In this stage you are getting great results on a consistent basis and we need to continue to work on your account in order to keep you in this “happy zone”.
*You’ve experienced the full value of our service by now and will be getting customers that found you online on a regular basis.